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Environmental Education

Recognizing the fragility of the ecosystem and the changes, people began to actively care for the environment. It became necessary to reduce the emission of harmful gases, reducing the amount of waste generated, and the implementation of cost-effective and environmentally friendly products .

Environmental education is a social contribution and it’s raising awareness and knowledge of the proper waste management.
Our aim is to realize to ourselves and to others, key issues related to waste management system, showing the problems caused by excessive waste production and dissemination of knowledge on the subject.

We become dalEKOwzroczni (far-sighted) !

How do we do it ?
- Increasing the environmental awareness of citizens
- We are working to reduce waste, focusing on the selective collection
- Shaping the culture of green , pro-environmental attitudes, values and beliefs
- Creating new patterns of behavior in the use of natural resources
- Providing knowledge about the environment, including in the field of rational waste management
- Explaining the safe recovery of energy from waste

Environmental education is an important part of protecting the environment. Awareness of the risks and opportunities for a healthy life in harmony with nature brings a global effect as a clean environment. We take care to education to be effective, addressed to all , in a clear showing environmental knowledge. The website, social networking site, brochures, leaflets, children's books, videos , etc. make it possible to reach out with the message to a wide audience. The basis of an open and efficient operation of incinerators is social awareness and waste management. We encourage to take advantage of the knowledge, to implement in life and pass on to the others .

Let's be dalEKOwzroczni!

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