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Forum Meetings

25th of July 2013 Forum of Grant Recipients of waste thermal treatment projects participated in the 16th meeting entitled "Good practices in waste management" presenting the state of the waste plants projects. Since all the grant recipients are at the stage of obtaining building permits (Bialystok and Bydgoszcz already have them) the most important at the moment is to monitor schedules, material and financial.


4th of July 2013 The seat of the National Fund Forum was held in Warsaw, including on the current interest rates on loans taken out by the Grant Recipients of the Fund. A proposal for the settlement of the 70% tranche of loans from the National Fund had the opportunity to take the next section. This solution has gained preliminary approval from the Fund and will be discussed at the meeting.


16th of April 2013 Working meeting of the Grant Recipients of waste thermal treatment projects’s Forum was held on 16th of April 2013, with representatives of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management was devoted to current problems associated with the implementation of projects for the construction of installations for the incineration of waste, current schedules, the implementation of these problems, including the procedure for obtaining building permits, plans for spending of EU funds and certification of eligible expenditure, identifying delays in the implementation of projects and their causes, prevention and remediation, and green certificates. This last point was on the path of legislative and after many more explanations and expertise has a chance of a positive outcome. Green certificates for electricity generated from waste incineration plants have significant ecological and economic value.